Issue 100


Introduction Eye 100
John L. Walters
For this issue, eleven prominent designers have generously given up time to talk about…


Fraser Muggeridge: The improviser
Interview by John L. Walters

‘The role of printed matter has shifted from what it communicates literally to what it communicates…

Jack Davison: Play of light
Kathy Ryan

Each of Jack Davison’s portraits is a spontaneous dance with his subject, says New York Times Magazine…

Studio Blup: Remixing the here and now
Derek Yates

Dines’s Studio Blup represents a radical challenge to the monoculture that still dominates current…

Liza Enebeis: Curious creative director
Interview by John L. Walters

‘Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the world feels more united. This may be a trigger in the future for…

Malika Favre: Gridlocked
John L. Walters

A love of mathematics and geometry underpins the immaculate illustrations of Malika Favre

Space Type Generator
John-Patrick Hartnett

Kiel Mutschelknaus’s constantly evolving Space Type Generator has the power to hypnotise

Michael Bierut: The designer’s designer
Interview by John L. Walters

‘Online, everything arrives with equal weight … everything can have a logo, everything can have an…

Minjoo Ham: Ode to darkness
Ferdinand P. Ulrich

Minjoo Ham’s charming heavyweight Hangul typeface, inspired by Korean movie posters, is now available in…

Moross: The hands-on boss
Interview by John L. Walters

‘We work in the entertainment world where there are always a lot of time pressures. It’s a priority to…

‘As, not for’: The critique goes on
Silas Munro

‘As, Not For: Dethroning Our Absolutes’ is an itinerant exhibition of work by black designers whose…

Richard Turley: Mag-man ad-man
Interview by John L. Walters

‘There is rarely any doubt in advertising or branding. The default setting is “amazing”. Whereas in…

Spassky Fischer: Concrete moves
John-Patrick Hartnett

The work of this prolific young French studio is founded on practicality and systems, while transcending…

Jessica Walsh: The influencer
Interview by John L. Walters

‘We can’t be like artists, who can stick to one style and never adapt what they do based on what’s going…

Dafi Kühne: By his own hand
Jan Middendorp

Swiss designer Dafi Kühne works wholly in traditional letterpress techniques with entirely contemporary…

Sophie Thomas: Campaigner
Interview by John L. Walters

‘You need a creative or design-oriented brain to figure out what the system is and how to shift it.…

Chloe Scheffe: Rethinking editorial design
John-Patrick Hartnett

Brooklyn-based Chloe Scheffe designs books by groundbreaking thinkers and tackles magazines with a…

Françoise Mouly: The illustrator’s art editor
Steven Heller

‘The covers are meant to capture the moment, but we want them to make sense next week, next decade, in a…

eL Seed: City-wide calligraffiti
Jan Middendorp

This mega-mural by street artist eL Seed spans the walls of 50 buildings in a  Christian Coptic…

Bobby C. Martin Jr: Design Champion
Interview by John L. Walters

‘We’ve come so far we’re not stopping now. Design has infused every part of our lives because of…

Letterform Archive: Objects of Inspiration
Steven Heller

Letterform Archive is feeding the post-digital generation’s passion for physical artefacts

Evi O. Studio: Feast between the lines
A. R. Maxfield

This Sydney-based studio brings high-energy illustration and lettering to editorial design for food…

Elaine Ramos: The book designer
Sarah Snaith

‘We overdose on communication, but “beautiful” design circulates only between the culturally literate.’…

Extinction Rebellion: Truth works
John L. Walters

Extinction Rebellion has grabbed the world’s attention with its imaginative, disciplined and urgent…

Milton Glaser: Design eminence
Steven Heller

‘Buttons, flyers, posters, postcards, T-shirts and books. How primitive are the means we have to…

Eye’s early years
Rick Poynor

Founding editor Rick Poynor recalls the aims and ideas behind the launch of an independent design…