Issue 95


Editorial Eye 95
Graphic design, John L. Walters
Last summer, during a visit to London, Triboro’s David Heasty made a strong case for…
Relentless riches
Book design, Graphic design, Photography, Critique, Critique / Photography, Front matter, Rick Poynor

A busy blockbuster traces the stunning history of Japanese photobooks. Photo Critique by Rick Poynor


Smoke signals from Brazil
Marcos Martins, Zoy Anastassakis

Staff and students are fighting for the survival of Rio de Janeiro’s historic school of design. ESDI’s…

We Made This: Technical challenge
Sarah Snaith

Sarah Snaith talks to Briar Levit, director of a new film on the history of graphic design

Reading books and scrolls and screens
Anja Neidhardt

Technology continues to change relationships between writers, publications and reading, acting as a…

Reputations: Atlas, Astrid Stavro and Pablo Martín
Anna Lisa Reynolds

‘You have to be the orchestra conductor, taking control of all these elements and making them magically…

Firm grasp on a shaky line
Matt Willey

R.O. Blechman’s career has spanned illustration, graphic design and film-making. His deceptively simple…

The draughtsman’s characters
D. B. Dowd

Blechman’s Ink Tank made animations that were subtle, literate and humane

R. O.’s New Yorkers
Françoise Mouly, Genevieve Bormes

Blechman celebrated the city’s high days and holidays with wit and concision

The anti-Rockwell
Steven Heller

Blechman pioneered a less-is-more aesthetic. His scratchy shorthand expresses ideas with a punchy…

Exposing the menace
Rick Poynor

David King’s posters integrated type and image with power and uncompromising political commitment. By…

Masks and mayhem
Felipe Taborda

João Farkas uncovers a little known side of Brazilian tradition in his vivid photographs of carnival…

Systematic play
Kevin J. Hunt

Using intuition, research and process, the work of Armin Lindauer and Betina Müller revitalises…

Of two minds
Aileen Kwun

Staying small, nimble and versatile has enabled Brooklyn-based design partnership Triboro to keep ahead…

Hidden treasure
John L. Walters

Two hours from Paris, the historic printing house Imagerie d’Épinal is reborn as the heart of a…