Issue 96


Editorial Eye 96
Magazines, Editorial, John L. Walters

Magazine special issue, part one

Mining the ruins
Critique, Critique / Photography, Rick Poynor

When petrol replaced coal, the island of Hashima lost its purpose and slowly decayed. Rick Poynor…


Small is beautiful
Kristjan Mändmaa

Estonian design education enjoys a culture of innovation and experimentation thanks to the country’s…

Reputations: Gail Bichler
Sarah Snaith

‘Our content is hard to come by. You are designing in real time about world events. The freedom we have…

Anatomy of a magazine
Eye editors, Ian Birch, Mark Porter, Vici MacDonald, Tim de Lisle, John L. Walters, Simon Rogers, Jane Grylls, John Morgan

Each magazine is unique. Happily, magazines are all alike, too. Here we analyse some of the elements…

The cover
Ian Birch

Great magazine covers are built on a sense of fearlessness, says Ian Birch

The contents
Mark Porter

An unglamorous page, true, but it’s also a clever multi-tasker, says Mark Porter

The front matter
Vici MacDonald

This ‘bitty section’ requires a jigsaw of design and writing skills, says Vici MacDonald

The features
Tim de Lisle

A feature should have a spring in its step and a gleam in its eye, says Tim de Lisle

The reviews
John L. Walters

Evaluations by ‘trusted third parties’ are a mag staple, says John L. Walters

The information graphics
Simon Rogers

Good data visualisation is vital to effective news publishing, says Simon Rogers

The adverts
Jane Grylls

Adverts mark the difference between a journal and a magazine, claims Jane Grylls

The colophon
John Morgan

This is the page whose small gestures reveal who’s who, says John Morgan

Town shaped the Sixties
Anne Braybon

At a time of social and economic change, Tom Wolsey’s Town magazine, with its audacious use of type…

Don McCullin
Anne Braybon
Don McCullin (b. 1935) grew up poor in Finsbury Park, a tough northeast neighbourhood…
David Bailey
Anne Braybon
David Bailey (b. 1938) was born in east London and has been an internationally…
Terence Donovan
Anne Braybon
Terence Donovan (1936-1996), the son of a lorry driver, was born in Stepney in…
John Bulmer
Anne Braybon
John Bulmer (b.1938), a photo-journalist and filmmaker, is recognised for his…
Serious goals
Martin Colyer

Art director Robert Priest turned editor to make Eight by Eight, an ambitious football title based in…

Industrial light
Andrew Robertson

Philip Sayer’s photography for Management Today in the 1980s and 90s forged a vivid connection between…

Looking at magazines looking at themselves
Martin Colyer

Five enormous, lavish books celebrate the achievements of five legendary titles: Harper’s Bazaar…