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Self-propelled, self-made

Issue 38, Winter 2000


Big books give KesselsKramer and Fuel an instant air of authority.

Love of lexicons

Issue 78, Winter 2010


The dictionary framework allows readers to find random nuggets of information, forging connections…

Lost worlds

Issue 55, Spring 2005


Vernacular photography. Innocence regained? Or just another kind of fiction?

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Of monumental proportions

30 May 2014

Lettering Large is a graphic designer’s coffee table book, easily read in one sitting but worth revisiting regularly, writes Sarah Snaith.

Posters for the blind

12 September 2013

A one-day typographic poster exhibition in the Hoxton Arches captured football chants in print
‘Glory Glory’ was a one-day poster exhibition and book launch encompassing the sound and spirit of football, writes Abbie Vickress.

Walk-in book

19 February 2013

In the V&A’s upcoming ‘Memory Palace’, twenty illustrators and designers will give graphic form to Hari Kunzru’s post-apocalyptic narrative.
The idea for the Memory Palace exhibition, which opens this summer at the V&A, came from a desire to find different ways of showing contemporary graphics and illustration in a museum context, write Ligaya Salazar and Laurie Britton Newell.


9 November 2012

An exhibition at the Photographers’ Gallery in London looks hard at the eyes of sharpshooters (from artists and anonymous punters to movie stars and Simone de Beauvoir)
The recently re-opened Photographers Gallery is right on target with its current show, writes Liz Farrelly. ‘Shoot! Existential Photography’ is a thematic celebration of an almost lost carnival attraction, the shooting booth, in which a camera is triggered as a shot hits home, snapping the punter’s photo as they fire.

The seventh Python

29 October 2009

Storm Thorgerson’s iconic album art at Integrated2009
To designers of a certain vintage, Storm Thorgerson, one of the founders (with Aubrey Powell) of Hipgnosis, is a star, the prog Peter Saville. Yet he’s off many people’s graphic design radar, writes John L. Walters. Which might be the way he likes it, since he claims to know nothing about typography and disdains illustration.