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Part of the process

Issue 59, Spring 2006


Nicolas Bourriaud’s concept of ‘relational aesthetics’ may give designers a new set of tools

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Offset 2013: day two

12 April 2013

Gag-happy Vaughan Oliver recalls ‘holding a comma on the end of my scalpel.’ Pam Bowman continues her coverage of the Dublin conference.
Saturday began with Irish Children’s Laureate Niamh Sharkey, writes Pam Bowman, in the second of three reports from Offset 2013

Awesomely awesome FOTB

16 September 2011

Buzzwords and the inspiration of improv at the Brighton codefest
If you were to play buzz-word bingo at Brighton’s ‘Flash on the Beach’, the squares for ‘awesome’, ‘pumped’ and ‘stoked’ would fill up pretty quickly, writes John L. Walters. A wordcloud of all three days’ presentations would bloom with the same words, plus ‘HTML5’, ‘agile’, ‘responsive’, ‘Molehill’ and the inevitable ‘clients’, ‘schedules’ and ‘budgets’.